Stuart Electrastream BEP 130 (Pre-assembled)

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Electric Hot Water & Heating Boiler

The Electrastream is a complete and cost effective solution for hot and cold water supply and wet central heating or underfloor heating. 
It is suitable for domestic dwellings such as flats, annexes, houses, or small offices providing hot water at 60 oC and a maximum output of 8 kW for radiators.

Key Features
  • Unvented cylinders up to 150 litre capacity
  • Single coil system
  • Smart controller
Technical Specification
Product Code 46727
Guarantee 1 year
Approvals CE

Cylinder capacity

130 litres

Coils Single
ErP class B
Maximum water supply pressure 12 bar
Operating pressure 3.5 bar

Coil rating

27 kW

Coil surface area

0.54 m²

Cylinder & hot water system
DHW expansion vessel size 12 Litres
DHW expansion vessel pre-charge pressure 1.9 bar
Cylinder TPRV setting - pressure 7 bar
Cylinder TPRV setting - temperature 90 oC
Minimum primary pressure 3.5 bar
Reheat time (Δ  t=60 oC) 25 minutes
Heat loss in 24 hrs @ 60 oC 0.97 kWh
Heating system
Expansion vessel size 8 litres
Maximum system expansion 7 litres
Expansion vessel pre-charge pressure (as supplied) 0.7 bar
Maximum working pressure 3.5 bar
Maximum working temperature 90 oC
Heating pressure relief valve (PRV) 6 bar
Combination valve
Pressure reducing valve 3.5 bar
Maximum pressure 12 bar
Pressure relief valve (PRV) 6 bar
Ambient temperature 4 oC - 30 oC
Tank Stainless steel

Power supply / phase / frequency

230 V a.c. / 1 / 50 Hz

Power consumption (Watts)

9 kW

Fuse rating (Amps) 40 Amps


645 mm


720 mm


1200 mm

Empty weight

49.5 Kg

Filled weight

179.5 Kg

GTIN 13 DIGIT 5050400467274