Stuart Electrastream BEP 130 (Pre-assembled)

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Electric Hot Water & Heating Boiler

Electrastream 130 is suitable for domestic dwellings such as flats, annexes, houses, or small offices providing hot water at 60 oC and a maximum output of 8 kW for radiators.

Capable of providing 30,000 btu/h output for hot water and central heating, the Electrastream turns electric heating ‘on its head’, making it more effective and energy efficient by doing so. Using unique tri-core heater technology, the Electrastream system is designed to operate with traditional wet heating systems and is ideal for underfloor wet systems as well.

The pre-piped, unvented appliance dramatically reduces the amount of time necessary for installation, since the stainless steel cylinder comes fully piped, ready for fitting.

Electrastream is far more controllable than a traditional storage heater. Compared to traditional nightstore systems, Electrastream doesn’t need to heat up for 7 hours first and is suitable for all tariffs including Economy 7, 10 and 18 (where available) to provide cost effective heating and hot water.

Key Features
  • Unvented cylinders up to 150 litre capacity
  • Single coil system
  • Programmable controller
Technical Specification
Product Code 46727
Guarantee 1 year
Approvals CE
Cylinder capacity 130 litres
Coils Single
ErP class B
Maximum water supply pressure 12 bar
Operating pressure 3.5 bar
Coil rating 27 kW
Coil surface area 0.54 m²
Cylinder & hot water system
DHW expansion vessel size 12 Litres
DHW expansion vessel pre-charge pressure 1.9 bar
Cylinder TPRV setting - pressure 7 bar
Cylinder TPRV setting - temperature 90 oC
Minimum primary pressure 3.5 bar
Reheat time (Δ  t=60 oC) 25 minutes
Heat loss in 24 hrs @ 60 oC 0.97 kWh
Heating system
Expansion vessel size 8 litres
Maximum system expansion 7 litres
Expansion vessel pre-charge pressure (as supplied) 0.7 bar
Maximum working pressure 3.5 bar
Maximum working temperature 90 oC
Heating pressure relief valve (PRV) 6 bar
Combination valve
Pressure reducing valve 3.5 bar
Maximum pressure 12 bar
Pressure relief valve (PRV) 6 bar
Ambient temperature 4 oC - 30 oC
Tank Stainless steel
Power supply / phase / frequency 230 V a.c. / 1 / 50 Hz
Power consumption (Watts) 9 kW
Fuse rating (Amps) 40 Amps
Width 645 mm
Depth 720 mm
Height 1200 mm
Empty weight 49.5 Kg
Filled weight 179.5 Kg
GTIN 13 DIGIT 5050400467274