Stuart Turner was able to deliver the goods for a new water boosting solution and pressure monitoring system for a substantial property in Surrey.

To rectify low flow rates,  poor water pressure, reduce system noise levels and automate the central heating system, Stuart Turner's Mainsboost and the Stuart Mini Pressurisation Unit were newly installed in a family home in Hersham, Surrey earlier in the year.

Due to the size of the home - and to serve its six bathrooms - a large break tank was originally installed in the loft, with a pressure set to increase pressure and improve water output. 
However due to its layout and components, the system was very noisy, so as part of a wider refurbishment project, the decision was made to replace it. 
Urban Space Plumbing changed the home's vented system to an unvented system. This required removing the large break tank and utilising the incoming mains supply instead. 
Gary Porter, senior project manager, said: "It was key for the homeowner to be able to make use of the home's six bathrooms, but with low water pressure and flow present we decided to install the Stuart Turner Mainsboost system, complete with a charger pump. 
"The Mainsboost will improve flow rates throughout the home, ensuring that, when multiple outlets are opened, they will receive enough water to work efficiently.'In addition, the charger unit will ensure that the mains water pressure is sufficient and can re-pressurise the Mainsboost vessel effectively - this ensures that the system is properly supplied. As a result of installing the WRAS approved Mainsboost system, each outlet within the home is now supplied with drinking water, which was another major benefit for the homeowner." 
The Mains boost consists of a cylinder containing a diaphragm chamber - this is surrounded by positive pre-charged air pressure sealed within the vessel. When full, the chamber reaches a state of pressure equilibrium, and when an outlet is opened, the water is forced out of the cylinder, boosting the incoming mains supply. This improves flow rates and means that the homeowner can use multiple outlets at the same time, without pressure dropping. 
Once the outlets are shut off, the diaphragm will refill and pressure equilibrium will be re-set. In most instances, although mains water flow may be poor, the pressure is sufficient to charge the vessels. In this case, to rectify low pressure and flow, a charger pump was added as part of the Mainsboost package to ensure delivery.

To accommodate the size of the property, Urban Space Plumbing installed three 450L Mainsboost accumulators and a charger pump unit within the home. In addition, the heating system was updated and the Stuart Mini pressurisation Unit (SPU 130 Mini) was installed to improve and monitor pressure levels. The smallest model in the Stuart Turner Pressurisation Unit range, the SPU 130 Mini can be wall hung and easily fitted into the garage space. As the unit can be pre-set with optimal pressure levels, it proved to be a simple solution for the homeowner - fully automating the monitoring of the heating system pressure and re-pressurising the system as required. The SPU 130 Mini also includes an alarm, to warn the homeowner when pressure drops or rises above the pre-set optimal levels. It also provides leak protection, automatically shutting off the water supply if a leak is detected, offering greater reassurance to the homeowner. 
Gary added: "We had to adhere to incredibly tight schedules for this project. The family had gone away for the half term holiday and asked that we undergo the plumbing work during that week. Although it was a quick turnaround - especially for this scale of project - my team's extensive knowledge of Stuart Turner products and our trust in their quality made for a seamless installation." 
Darren Cooper, business development director at Stuart Turner, added: 
"Gary and his team at Urban Space Plumbing have done a fantastic job on this project. We are thrilled to have been able to provide a number of Stuart Turner products to rectify the issues the homeowner had previously experienced."