Unique membership dashboard

By joining the Stuart Turner Installer Club you will receive an unique membership number and personal account. Simply log in and earn points for every product installation you register.

After completing the simple joining process you will have access to your personal portal where you will be able to register the installation of a range of qualifying Stuart Turner products.
You’ll be able to start accumulating points immediately. In fact, we will automatically give you a points joining bonus just to get you started.

Your unique dashboard will also provide you with quick links to relevant documents, such as installation guides and allow you view your registration history to help identify when and where a warranty is due to expire.


Rewards such as Stuart Turner merchandise, workwear and products to help you get the job done.
Register any qualifying Stuart Turner product you install and earn points to exchange for a variety rewards.
Points range from 350 to 8000 depending on the product and you will only need 100 points to claim a reward.

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Points Table (Valid Product Registrations)

Product Points
Showermate TP 350
Showermate 2,000
Monsoon 1,750
Wasteflo 1,000
Mainsboost MBF12 2,000
Mainsboost MBF 60/80/100/200/300 6,000
Mainsboost iBoost 4,000
Stuart Electrastream 8,000
Stuart Pressurisation 2,350
Aquaboost iBolt Pump 3,500
Aquaboost iBolt Single Booster Set 4,000
Aquaboost iBolt Twin Booster Set 10,000
Aquaboost iMatic 450 7,000
Aquaboost iMatic 800 8,500
Aquaboost iMatic 1200 10,000