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Product Warranty Registration Terms & Conditions

You can register the installation of your Stuart Turner product for warranty purposes.

We currently support registration of the following products:

  • Mainsboost
  • Mainsboost Flomate
  • Mainsboost VariQ
  • Mainsboost iBoost
  • Monsoon
  • Showermate
  • Wasteflo - Macerators and Lifting Stations (exc' BC3 condensate pump)
  • Stuart - SPU Pressurisation units

Please note that the registration calculates the warranty expiration date based on the date of manufacture of the product that you are registering.

So, to ensure that you get your full warranty coverage from the date on which you purchased your Stuart Turner product it is essential that you retain some form of proof of purchase or purchase receipt. If available, you will be prompted to upload this receipt as a camera image or PDF document during the registration process.

Valid forms of 'Proof of Purchase' include:

  • A copy of the purchase receipt provided to you or to your plumber/installer from a plumbers merchant or other retailer
  • A copy of the invoice for work carried out by your plumber/installer to your property in which there is reference to the installation of your Stuart Turner product

It is the responsibility of the person completing the registration to provide adequate and correct proof of purchase. Providing incorrect information may result an invalidation of warranty.

Registration of your Stuart Turner product will also help us provide the best possible service in the unlikely event that you need to contact us regarding your product.