Home Owner

DTR Solutions Ltd

Project summary
Domestic installation of the Mainsboost Flomate MBF60 to solve water pressure and flow problems in a small Victorian property fitted with a combination boiler.

The challenge
Having recently acquired the late Victorian terraced property, the home owner wanted to install a new thermostatic shower but the water pressure from the shared mains supply was often much less than 1 bar and flow rates were extremely poor.

The solution
Providing a mains pressure boost of more than 1.5 bar and boosting flow rate to 16 litres per minute, a Mainsboost Flomate MBF60 unit was installed under the kitchen sink, directly in line with the cold water rising mains supply to the property.


Stuart Turner Mainsboost Flomate solves poor mains water pressure and flow


Client testimonial
“Without the Mainsboost Flomate unit, installing a new shower would have been pointless. The bath took far too long to run and the flow from the bathroom taps was not much more than a trickle. The plumber installed the unit under the kitchen sink in less than two hours and the difference is amazing; the shower is powerful, the bath runs quickly and the flow from the taps is great.”

Ms RF, Raunds, Northamptonshire