Beechcroft Developments
R.G. Evans
Project summary
Located in Hampton Hill in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, Templeton Lodge is an exclusive retirement development of 28 apartments.
The challenge
The existing mains water supply was inadequate and would not meet the needs of the property development. Additionally, given the shortage of available space within the building or its grounds, an alternative space saving solution was required.
The solution
The innovative solution supplied by Stuart Turner involved the design and supply of a fully packaged cold water storage tank and booster set contained within a subterranean enclosure.
Featuring a 5000 litre water storage tank and a twin vertical multistage pump booster set capable of delivering 5 litres per second at 4.4 bar pressure, the subterranean pod was installed out of sight underneath the landscaped garden area.
Stuart Turner Subterranean Cold Water Booster Set
Client testimonial
“Installing the cold water storage tank and booster set in a subterranean pod maximised the space available, in both the building and its grounds.”