Product quality and support are the pillars of our customer service strategy, consequently we are able to offer industry leading guarantees on all our product ranges, providing you with confidence for every installation.

Good customer service is the lifeblood of any business and for times when you need additional guidance, we have a dedicated team of technical experts available to help you with any challenge you may face.
As experts in our field, we have an in-depth knowledge of the typical problems that may arise. We offer everything from advice on choosing the right product for the project to assistance with fault diagnosis.
Site survey assistance
We have a team of professional specification engineers available to work in partnership with you. Whether you are at the start of a new project or replacing and commissioning
water boosting systems, we can help.
Our expert team can conduct a full site survey and detailed analysis of the performance requirements of the intended system to produce a fully costed proposal.
Product training and education
Our service goes beyond supplying the highest quality products; Stuart Turner is committed to supporting the industry with professional development - whether you are just starting out or an experienced professional.
If you are an installer of our products, our free training sessions cover the unique features of our products along with essential skills such as product selection, installation, fault diagnosis and repair.
We work in partnership with many colleges and skills development centres across the UK to educate the next generation of plumbers and installers. By providing training
seminars and donating products for the students to work on within the workshop, we support new installers and help shape the future of the industry.
If you are a college or training centre and would like to work with us, please contact us at [email protected]
Installer loyalty
At Stuart Turner we don’t take the hard-won loyalty of our installers for granted. Having made the commitment to attend our free installer training sessions we will list your company as an ‘Approved Installer’ on our website installer finder.
You will also be automatically enrolled in our Installer Loyalty Programme, offering a range of additional benefits including access to our installer rewards scheme.