MONSOON is the boosting pump of choice for premium quality and high performance.

Suitable for everything from boosting pressure to a single shower, a bathroom or even to a whole house, Stuart Turner’s range of MONSOON pumps for vented/gravity systems is your secret weapon to boosting water pressure.

Why choose MONSOON for your next water boosting customer project?

  • High performance water boosting
  • Quality brass components
  • Quick & easy installation
  • Designed and made in the UK
  • Industry leading 5-year warranty


You get what you pay for!

"This is the best pump by miles, my old cheap pump died, and I tried to repair it many times over a year until it finally gave up! I was recommended this pump and was a little put off but with the price, but wow I'm so glad a spent the money! I should of purchased this pump years ago! Very reliable, easy install and a 5 year warranty #jackpot"



  • What is the MONSOON pump suitable for?
    MONSOON pumps are suitable for use in properties with a traditional open-vented/gravity plumbing system, boosting a single tap, shower, bathroom or the whole property
    The MONSOON range has 'Standard/Positive' options where there is already a flow of at least 2 litres/minute due to gravity AND 'Universal/Negative' pump options suitable for use where there is less than 2 litres/minute flow due to gravity
  • Can MONSOON boost both hot and cold water?
    The MONSOON range features single head pumps designed for boosting either a hot or cold water supply AND twin head pumps suitable for boosting both hot and cold water supplies equally
  • How much water pressure can MONSOON pumps generate?
    Options are available to provide a wide range of different pressures from 1.5 bar up to 4.5 bar
  • Are MONSOON pumps noisy?
    Pumps from the MONSOON range feature an extremely reliable and powerful induction motor and anti-vibration feet making them one of the quietest pumps of their type available
  • Are spare parts available?
    MONSOON pumps are supported by a 5 year warranty and a full range of spare parts are available


Where can you find MONSOON pumps?

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