Stuart Turner Group, a leading manufacturer and servicing company of water pumps, has released a new water boosting pump called STORMBOOST. Designed for domestic properties, it will increase mains water pressure by up to 2.5 bar.

Alongside its popular MONSOON water pump which can boost water outlets by up to 4.5 bar across the home, feeding from tank and cylinder systems, STORMBOOST connects directly to the mains water supply and offers a maximum output flow rate of 12 litres per minute for improved water performance across the home. Compact in size, it has automatic on/off switching, anti-vibration hoses, anti-vibration foot for quiet operation, an on/off power indicator light and a five-year extended warranty. 

Dominic Hill, CEO for Stuart Turner Group, said: “We know from recent research undertaken by the University of Surrey, Bristol and Swansea that increased water pressure across the home can help to reduce water consumption, and in turn energy consumption. Through installing sensors, they analysed over 86,000 individual showers over 39 weeks and found that users turn off the shower when a desired sensation has been achieved, not just when a set of actions are completed. Although water pressure is higher, less water is used as the shower is turned off earlier. 

“Showers are the largest user of water across the home, with £2.3 billion spent annually on heating water for showers across Britain. Water is a precious commodity, and it's projected that England will face a water supply shortfall of 4 billion litres daily by 2050. By using a water boosting pump such as STORMBOOST or MONSOON, this will help consumers to reduce their water and energy, and in turn save them money while helping to reduce household water consumption targets from 144 litres per person per day to 110 litres per person per day.”

Kieran McCarron, lead engineer for the pump, added: “STORMBOOST and MONSOON are both designed to be compact and inobtrusive for the end user, while delivering high performance and improving poor water performance in domestic properties. We know an installer’s reputation is important, so STORMBOOST has been designed to the same standard as MONSOON, meaning customers can expect the same quality, reliability, and longevity from STORMBOOST that they trust and experience from MONSOON.”

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Established in 1906, Stuart Turner Ltd is an internally recognised manufacturer of water boosting solutions with an innovative heritage and a reputation for product quality, reliability and customer service.  Over recent years, it has made a number of acquisitions, and Stuart Turner Group now compromises of Stuart Turner, Mikrofill and Aquatronic Group Management brands.  Working across Residential and Commercial sectors, the Stuart Turner Group supports customers not only with the supply of water boosting products, but also the installation, commissioning and ongoing service and maintenance – of any manufacturers equipment.  For more information please visit